Thursday, July 16, 2015

Goings on of July 2015

Grand Theft Auto V came out in April so between that and work I got behind on 40k.  In that amount of time a lot has come out for the game and I am pretty excited about it.

What I am most excited about is the Kytan Daemon engine (pictured right).  Check it out on Forgeworld's website.  This thing is one of the chaos answers to an Imperial knight.  It is more expensive points-wise, has a lot of special rules, and trades off some defensive capability for offensive power.  The most important of this trade off is WS5 and I5.  Given decent rolls or some psyker shenanigans and this will eat other knights, imperial or otherwise, for lunch.

I ordered this model as soon as it was available and am constructing a scenic base out of a cut apart dakka predator.  So far it is pretty fantastic and I am going to post up some pics as soon as I can.

In conjunction with the Kytan is a Chaos knight kit.  It is a bit more expensive money wise, on par with the regular knights, but is the same points-wise and can be upgraded to daemonic alignments.  These alignments give the same benefits as other chaos titans in older forgeworld books.  The close combat weapon also give +1 to the STRD result chart making it never fail obliterating models on a 5+.

The rules and points cost make these things pretty snazzy but I hate the way all of these knight titans look. The Kytan looks the best out of the two and suits my play style better, anyways.

All of these knew titans along with the recent release of the warlord titan got me pretty interested.  So interested in fact that I am selling a couple of guns that I never use in order to get some cash for these models.  I recently saw an unboxing video of the warlord titan and it seems like an incredibly fun model to put together and paint.  The rules for the titan are pretty insane as well.

I don't know what all I will end up with.  I haven't sold the guns, yet.  But whatever it is I plan on having a lot of fun.

Recently I completed to an acceptable level a bloodcrusher squad with blood-hunter and banner.  In progress are my super special chaos lord and a bloodthirster.  After that are a whole smattering of bloodletters.  Once all of this, along with the Kytan, are painted I intend to work on spawn, flesh hounds, bikers, and probably a helldrake or two.

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