Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dead Lord Korotur vs Pedro Kantor and his Crimson Fists.

Finally got another game in with my Khorne Daemonkin.   This is my list.  This game and others coming after are part of a campaign.  Wins capture territory and can give bonuses.  There are a few factions, Imperium, Orks, and Chaos.  Other xenos players haven't come forward to participate.

This game was against an imperium player commanding a crimson fist army.  His list consisted of a CAD containing Pedro Kantor, devastator squads, sternguard, and scout squads.  Attached was a skyhammer annihilation force with meltas in one pod and grav in another.  One or two of the assault squads had an evisirator.  

Taking turn two I castled in my corner behind the rhinos and spreading out so no pod could land behind me.  The skyhammer and sternguard came down and did very little but killed a rhino a few bodies.  Enough to give me the blood tithe I needed.

My forces responded with overwhelming force but my dice rolled poorly.  This was to my benefit, however, as most of my key units stayed locked in combat.  Everything went on to assault units across the board.  Moving so fast is very powerful.

The game ending in a tabling for the Crimson fists.  This was the only way I could win, though, as with the mission a lucky pull got him a ton of points, in one case 6 points off of two cards.

Some of the best moments were my Khorne Lord's powering up thanks to Goredrinker.  Drop podding armies give him the perfect opportunity.  After killing one guy and just using the axe of Khorne afterwords I can still power up.  In the second round of combat he was up to 5+ wounds given and strength 10 as a result.  Thanks to the scenario he had two warlord traits which game him preferred enemy and +1 attack.  Rampage from goredrinker also is awesome at ramping up his abilities.  He can dish out a lot of death very quickly.  In this game he killed 5 squads of between 4 and 5 marines each with the finale of cleaving Pedro and his squad into a heap of limbs and shredded meat.

For the blood tithe all I need are 3 points to get feel no pain on everything and give rage/furious charge to the slaughtercult.  I run my lord with 5 chaos spawn.  Getting feel no paid up as well as running them through cover makes them almost as survivable as the demons.

Feel no pain also super buffs the flesh hounds.  The look on people faces when 3 bolter wounds only causes one unsaved wound and doesn't even kill a model is priceless.

Speaking of flesh hounds, they are the backbone of the army.  Scouting up and forcing decisions on a gunline, hanging back and taking up space for area denial just to counter charge, or moving fast a bogging down up other units just so the power houses can catch up are the primary things these guys are used for and lets everything else do all the heavy lifting.

Eight bloodcrushers and a herald on a juggernaut were also a big factor.  In this game their enormous number of attacks were able to kill some drop pods to secure the win for me.  The amount of wounds, combined with feel no pain, and the ability to move incredibly fast make them a huge threat.  If they are targeted then so what?  That means other stuff isn't being shot.

Khorne Daemonkin is powerful when used right.  When summoning blood thirsters, using overpriced wargear, or using glass hammer type units this army can run into a hitch.  The amount of wounds that can be had, the resiliency they can earn, and the ability to move really fast can give a lot of armies  a run for their money.

Coming soon will be a short battle report of this army versus a mechanized guard army.

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