Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rouge Trader Tournament: July 2010

This past weekend I traveled 3 hours with a friend to compete in a Rogue Trader tournament. I stuck true to a fluffy World Eaters list and they delivered just fine.

The list I took was:

Demon Prince w/ Wings and Mark of Khorne
4x8 Khorne Berzerkers, Power Fist, Rhino, and 3 of them hand combi-meltas.
3x Obliterators
2x Cannons of Khorne (Demoniacally Possessed Vindicators)

The first game I played against was Imperial Guard. The setup was spearhead and the mission was to capture the table quarters with a unit that was greater than 50% strength.

His list was:

Command Squad, Master Of Ordinance
50 man platoon
2x platoons w/ Las Cannons
3 or 4 Chimeras that had platoons with a las cannon
Tank with demolisher cannon
A big Gun w/ str 10 shot

I really botched this game and got trounced. Instead of running up the middle and bashing into everything I went for the objectives at the outset. This left me too separated to do anything and he just took me apart piece by piece. I scored a 4 points this game and my opponent scored 18.

At one point a plasma cannon shot hit the wing of his vendetta and he tried to argue that because the wing was not part of the hull the shot missed. I called shennanigans, but it didn't matter because he foolishly didn't move it on his turn and when I assaulted it all of my attacks (Str 9 powerfist!) immobilized and at the end if his turn I smashed it to pieces. It would have been quite funny to see his plasma cannon blow up his own model, though.

Game 2 was vs a gentleman named Jack who was new to the game and didn't have much experience. The mission was capture and control and deployment was pitched battle. The little scenario was that an elites choice was given up as a traitor. Since I didn't have an elites choice I game up a Khorne Berzerker.

Jack's kist was:
2x Hqs that had drones, a plasma gun, and a missile launcher
2x broadsides
1x flamer suites (I got the other one)
2x Missile Suits
2x Hammerheads
2x devlifish with troops
1 large Kroot Squad
2 Marker light squads

This game turned out great for me but just by a hair and by the blessing of my demon prince and Kharn.

He placed the first objective and I placed mine directly across from his as close as I could.

The table had a raised edge where he place one of his HQs and 4 of the broadsided for a high ground advantage. On his opposite side he placed the devilfish and a hammerhead, another set of suits, and in the middle was his HQ and the other hammerhead behind it. He infiltrated the kroot in terrain close to his objective and the markerlights in terrain to hit my rhinos.

I place the vindicators and oblits up top to also have an advantage and to take out his heavy hitters. My rhinos with Kharn and the demon price were right around my objective.

After the first turn his marker lights delivered and only one of my rhinos survived. I pretty much had to foot slog it across. The rhino that lived only made it 24 inches. He was able to penetrate a vindicator but demonic possession saved me and one oblit bit the dust.

On my turn the vindicator wiped out one clump of suits and the oblits plasmaed the rail guns off the map. Later the vindiator fired into cover to hit his HQ and he failed all of his cover saves.

Down below Kharn and the demon prince made it across the table to smash into a devilfish and a hammerhead, dismantling both.

On his last turn he shot a devilfish up toward my objective. Kharn later left his unit, got as close as he could, and blew it up with his plasma pistol.

I jumped my demon prince into terrain and assaulted his kroot that were just barely contesting his objective. Because of the pile in this pulled him away. The game was called and I won! With bonuses I ended up with 18 points and Jack had 6.

The last game was with a friend, Stetson. He plays space marines and had the following list:

Lysander + Sternguard in a drop pod
Pedro + Tac Squad in a drop pod
Ironclad in a drop pod
Assault termies, all with Thunder Hammers in a Crusader
2x Land Speeder storms that had scouts w/ a combi melta and melta bombs.

The setup was dawn of war and the mission was to for an attacker to rescue a hostage from a defender. I won the roll off the play the defender and hold the hostage. Whoever had control of the hostage gain victory points.

I castled up but spread out too far and I didn't fully understand the scenario, but I came very close to winning and actually had a higher total of points. I needed 13 more points to pull off a win.

As for highlights: Lysander and his squad dropped in next to my demon prince and split up. The ironclad dreadnaught dropped in not far away as well. He tried to fire against my vindicator but whiffed. On my trun the demon prince flew over and dismantled the dreadnaught while Kharn disembarked and took on Lysander. Kharn delivered 4 wounds but he saved 3 and then turned Kharn into mush. However, the remaining berzerkers brought him down.

Later on the demon prince killed pedro but the tac marines took him down. The terminators got vindicated and a full squad of berzerkers cut them down to scrap.

In the end my forces were spread too far out and he was too far away from the objective. I made a box of rhinos around it and he couldn't get close.

When the games were all said and done Stetson won best sportsman thanks to mine and the friend I brought's votes after deciding a 6 way tie. He took home a Lemartes blister.

My friend took 2nd place, of which I was trailing by 1 point! He at first took home a land raider, but traded it for an apocalypse book instead, as he didn't need a land raider.

First place was the IG player I lost to and he took home a manticore.

I took 3rd place and took home a Trygon, but since my friend traded off the land raider and I have no use for a trygon I got to take the land raider instead.

Last but not least, I won best painted for having based models. I got an awesome 4x scale space marine statue.

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