Saturday, April 11, 2015

A resurgence of the Devourer of Stars!

Hello everyone, long time no blog, lol.

With the new Khorne Daemonkin codex coming out my interest in 40k has been renewed. Not just because a new Khorne themed codex is out, but because I believe this codex to be very powerful. Whats even more special is the folks believe this codex to be mediocre. It may very well be, the jury is still out, but I think the codex is a wolf in sheep's clothing. One thing is for sure, though, this codex is a godsend compared to the most previous chaos space marines codex (I can't speak for the supplements, I haven't read them).

The current edition Chaos Space Marine codex is trash. Maybe by itself, in a vacuum, it is ok, but compared tp all the other codecies that have come out since that dex it is one of the most bland and boring out there. What is more sad is that since Khorne Daemonkin coming out and most units being copy pasted (and in the case of the Skulltaker, very poorly copy pasted) there is no indication that Chaos Space Marines are going to improve in any significant way. 

A lot of folks are upset that Kharn the Betrayer and Karanak aren't in the codex. I can understand that disappointment. But the lack of those awesome characters doesn't dissuade me from the codex. I think there are better, more fun HQ choices (in regards to Kharn anyways) available in the codex. I will detail this later on.

Subsequent posts on this blog are going to detail lists, strategies, battle reports, modeling and much more, including my entire company of Heresy era World Eaters Orbital Assault force, including Angron, Kharn, and 100 other bloodthirsty marines ready to slaughter in the name of Khorne.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to some other blogs out there that are good resources for World Eaters and Khrone Daemonkin information.

If there is anything I need to add let me know.

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