Sunday, April 19, 2015

Army progress as of April 19, 2015

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After being on vacation for the last week I am looking forward to updating this blog.  I have been concentrating on painting some models and I want to get them all knocked out before I buy some more.  I developed a road map on what all I want to buy and it is going to get costly very fast.  Accounting for that I have made it a goal to get all that  I have for this army painted before purchasing more models.  This will allow some saving to accrue and the good amount of model already owned to be nice and painted up.

All last week, this week, and probably a couple more weeks I am focusing on and 8 man blood crusher squad, an extra banner bearer, and my Juggerlord.

The picture for this blog post is my progress so far,  Click here for a larger picture.

After painting that squad up there is the possessed to finish along with a standard blood thirster.  Once those are done I am going to alternate between Flesh hounds and Spawn.

Of the models I need to purchase are as follows:

  • 20 Flesh hounds
  • 5 to 10 spawn
  • 18 Chaos bikers
  • 2 maulerfiends
  • 2 helldrakes
  • 2 skull cannons/blood thrones
  • 24 berzekers/Chaos space marines
For the bikers and berzekers/CSMs I plan on using all of the fogeworld torsos, heads, and shoulder pads while buying the legs/arms/backpack bits off of ebay.  Thankfully I only need two sets of bits because I already have 10 put together but not painted.

I am not too crazy about the maulerfiends and helldrakes but they might be fun in the Khorne Daemonkin codex.  I will post more on them later.

A fun list want to run is what I call "2 is one, one is none":

There are plenty of points to expand to 2000 or trim to 1850.  I would much rather run a slaughtercult but I just can't fit two possessed in there.  I think this list gives a ton of fast moving options that packs a punch and messes with target priority,

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